Win in auditing on Power processes

I have recently received Power and Power Plus.
Upon doing the 3rd step on Power Plus today, I spotted and as-ised the greatest
( for me ) overt of my entire existence.

The negation of “myself”, and the results since then denying “me” to exist,
using all types of other mechanisms to confront life with, instead of just being
me. The altering of self, to “fit” in with societies, and all kinds of strata of
life, are seemingly endless. But the greatest feeling is that I dont have to do
that anymore. This win being posted is proof-part or that change.

My auditor on this action is Dexter, and hes doing a very effective and great
job at running me on power ( this is not my first time receiving power, nor
delivering it, I also delivered it to Dexter and 15 other cases in the last 3

Thanks to you Dex, (I told you you could do it!).

My personal Wish is that all that have case issues, find yourself a good auditor
who can deliver Power and get at it, your probably missing out on something, at
least I and other were, And I have been audited by some awesome auditors over
the years.

The wins of Power are VERY comparable to the L’s.