MORE wins after CLEAR

I still cant believe the miracle I experienced. Truly a medical miracle.

Moreover, my understanding for the Universe, my interrelations with the people in my dynamics, the enormous ARC!!

The moments I just find my self smiling or laughing for no other reason than- I am here all, of me, just playing one game or another. Winning in life with my loved ones and reaching for the rest whom I grow to love more and more each and every day.

The effects that I have had on my spouse by going clear. It is almost like we both have reached for a higher degree of existence in which we can attempt to create a better world together.

I cant thank LRH enough, really I cant. I cant thank my auditor enough. I cant thank all of you enough, who, regardless of anything and everything are out there day in and day out helping people up the bridge. For that I thank you!