What are we doing

New people into Scientology may not realize it, but our true worth as Scientologists is when we start auditing the 7th dynamic and start freeing beings.

Sometimes when life throws curves or something shows up and gets a bit of key-in going, it is easy to forget how important it is to keep our eye on the purpose of freeing beings.

Many left the COS just because they didn’t feel that freedom could ever really be achieved in the Church.

So who is it that frees beings? Auditors. Auditors free beings.

The better auditor you are the more beings you can free. This game isn’t just a first dyanmic game of “feeling better.” It is a long-term whole track game of freedom vs entrapment and there were those in the past who actively tried to keep others from going free. Some of them may be still around. But in the past, that is where a lot of damage was done. People key-in to the past. The evil ones who tried to take the best of us and reduce us in size by wrong auditing.

You won’t find that specifically stated in LRH’s HCOBs, bearly references to the idea that we had done this game before and lost because the materials got into the hands of those who would keep it and not let the valuable information out.

But it does come up from time to time in pc’s sessions, that they had been playing this game for a long time, had been audited before, and even seen that some beings were mis-audited on purpose to reduce them in size and certainty.

At least this became really real to me in my recent auditing, and yes, “case is case” BUT sometimes there is a bit of truth in the pc’s data.:)

That is how I see the game. I originally came here to help mop up the mess that was left on this sector after certain implants were done. Now the focus is a bit different, less concentrating on cleaning up the bad effects as getting lots and lots of beings freed. 7th Dynamic auditing.

While this might not be real to someone just starting the bridge, the part about auditing helping people go free is real to everyone who is here on this list–at least it does seem to be a safe list free of the “enemy” in the freedom/entrappment game.

So, lets make auditors…good auditors, lots of them.

Love, Pat